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Video Coaching

Goal setting, strategy, and performance analysis.

Our philosophy is that you need a target to aim for! That target will provide structure and a clear path forward. Our video calls are all about talking through the details to help you achieve your riding and racing goals.

These sessions can help you focus during training, calm pre-race nerves, and debrief post-event. Every person is different and these conversations cater to you and your needs.

Calls can include:

  • A conversation to assess where you are in your racing trajectory

  • Goal Setting: identifying short and long term goals

  • Recommendations that balance your life with your racing

  • Season planning and sustainable training structure

  • Mental clarity strategies

  • Racing tactics

  • Performance review

  • Recommendations for skill development

  • Video Analysis

  • and more - each video coaching conference is unique!

Every session includes a follow-up email summarizing the conversation.



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