Personal Instruction

$75 hr + Travel and Expenses over 30min from Harrisonburg VA

We love individual instruction at TakeAim Cycling. The benefits of one on one sessions include targeted attention that allows us to progress at your speed and communication can be more specific to your learning style. Information often becomes more detailed and we can find our own analogies to help reach your riding goals. 

Custom Group Instruction

$75hr first person, $30hr each additional person + Travel and Expenses over 30min from Harrisonburg VA

Friends, Teams, and Clubs are often looking for instruction centered around their specific needs. TakeAim Cycling customizes each clinic to the needs of the group. We can put together a fun and informative clinic for your group of 2-20 at any skill level. 

NICA Groups: Training for Kids or Coaches

101 and 201 sessions are $60 per person with minimum fee for session.

We have worked with NICA as a national coaching advisor and Virginia league coach educator. We provide special clinics for kids as well as the 4 hour MTB 101 and 201 coaching training and continuing education for coaches who want to progress their instruction techniques. 

Looking for ways to provide new ways to challenge the skills of your riders. We can help in a safe and fun manner that's the result of years of coaching a wide variety of skill levels. 

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