Be a better, safer, and more confident rider! 

Mountain Bike Instruction


Mountain biking is the heart and soul of TakeAim Cycling. We love to work with individuals, teams, schools, and clubs. Weather you are just starting, want a solid foundation, are preparing for competition, or just trying to conquer that one log, we can help you get there. 


Topics include;


  • Cornering

  • Descending

  • Rock gardens

  • Technical climbing

  • Drops 

  • Manuals

  • Logs

  • Racing


The East Coast is fortunate to have tons of accessible trails. We can do sessions in your spot or ours.

Charity Ride Preparation

Are you or your team doing a charity ride? It might have been years since you got on a bike, or maybe you do get a regular weekend ride in.


As soon as you start doing longer rides with groups of people, the logistics become more critical. Are you safe riding on the road with other people? Can you be comfortable handling a variety of road conditions, elevation changes, and the possibility of a mechanical or a worn bum? To prepare you or your crew for a charity ride, we will cover a variety of topics. Goal-based series of sessions can help you prepare for your next challenge. 


Topics covered:


  • Riding close to others or in a group

  • Shifting smoothly

  • Braking and stopping in control

  • Looking over the shoulders while riding straight

  • Eating and drinking on the bike in control

  • Conserving energy

  • Cornering, climbing, descending

Bikeshare and Corporate Programs


Every year there are more cities and companies using bikeshare or wellness programs to encourage a healthy lifestyle. 


Many of us learned to ride a bike when we were young, but the years have passed, and as adults it's nice to have a reintroduction to the new bikes, rules of the road, and skills we didn't need to think about when riding around the neighborhood. 


If you or your organization want help getting comfortable again on the bike, we can put together a program or clinic that will help you ride comfortably and safely next time you go out. 





"His easy going demeanor and supportive nature will get you through the tough stuff – and his attention to detail and preparedness will ensure that it’s done safely." Daniel R.