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Guiding & Shuttling Services

Custom outings in the George Washington & Jefferson National Forest

Gravel - MTB - Road

As permitted guides and shuttle operators in the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest, we can take the guesswork out of your visit to the Shenandoah Valley by taking you to the best trails and roads around.

Whether you're just looking for a shuttle ride to the top of the mountain or want a guide to take you on pre-planned routes, contact us to see what options are available during your visit to the area.

  • Trail, road, and gravel routes​​

  • Groups and individuals

  • Adaptive needs riders

  • Beginner to expert levels

  • Open and private shuttles

Why hire a permitted guide?

Our National Forests are public treasures and, as professional backcountry operators, we are committed to being good stewards of these lands. We operate with the required permit from the National Forest Service because we want to be responsible members of the community and do our part to respectfully access these areas in accordance with Forest Service regulations. 

If you're planning a visit to ride in the George Washington or Jefferson National Forest, and you don't know your way around, we can take the guesswork out of your planning. With our local expertise, we can pick trails and forest roads that are appropriate to your skill level, the season, and current conditions, so you have a great experience riding in these amazing areas.

You'll also know, that by hiring a permitted guide or shuttle driver, you're in compliance with Forest Service regulations and supporting a business that gives back a portion of proceeds directly to the local forest district. 

Select Appropriate Routes

A guide and shuttle operator with local knowledge will be able to select trails and roads that most appropriately match your skill level, the current conditions, and your desired experience.

Support the Forest Service

As permitted operators, we give 3% of our annual revenue from guiding and shuttling back to the Forest Service that issues our permit. We're happy to support our local forest infrastructure.

Reduce Risk

A guide and shuttle operator can reduce risk by selecting appropriate terrain, knowing where you are located, having backcountry first aid skills and a satellite phone for emergency use.

Shuttle Services

We operate Private and Open Shuttles of up to 12 people in the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest at a variety of locations. 

We have regularly scheduled Open Shuttles for select, local zones, and folks can book a seat anytime. Most Open Shuttle routes require at least intermediate level skills. Be sure to subscribe to our email list to find out when we offer new routes and give updates!


If you'd like to hire a private shuttle for yourself or a group of friends outside of our regular Open Shuttle schedule or want a more beginner friendly option, just fill out the Private Guide/Shuttle Request Form with the relevant information. 

$50 / Seat in the Open Shuttle

$600 / Private Shuttle for 8hrs

Private Guide/Shuttle Request Form

Fill out your preferences so we can help plan your adventure!

What are the riding skill levels of people in your group?

Thanks for submitting!

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Authorized Use Notification

TakeAim Cycling LLC operates under special use permit from the USDA Forest Service, George Washington & Jefferson National Forests. TakeAim Cycling LLC is an equal opportunity service provider and employer. TakeAim Cycling LLC, as well as its employees, agents, guests, clients or customers, shall abide by all current Forest Service, regulations and permit requirements.

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