Junior Development (Registration Closed for 2022)

Applications are open for the 2022 Enduro/Gravity Development Program! 

Conflict note: Contact us if you have conflicts with other events that prevent attending all events. Don't let that stop you submitting an application


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We are a training program for gravity racers! 


You can be on TakeAim Devo and be on another team because our main focus is helping you get faster! 


TakeAim Cycling Devo Program will provide training for juniors looking for expert guidance on gravity racing while having fun at the same time. We focus on regional enduro events but our program will help riders prepare for racing any discipline on the biggest stages throughout the country. 


Our “WHY” is because we want to develop mentally and physically strong riders while building tools for success in all their life pursuits. Our coaches have raced at all levels of the sport and want to bring the lessons gained from their experiences to the riders of the future. We love to see growth in riders, whether that is through race results or emotional resiliency. 


The Program 


We have 15 spots available with 5 reserved for junior girls. 


The program will consist of nine practices, race support at six regional events, and team video calls throughout the season. Practices will focus on skills development as well as cover different topics such as equipment setup and physical preparation. The video calls will be opportunities to cover training questions, race prep, and strategy. On race weekends we will be there to provide guidance from the pre-rides to the post-race recovery. 


Practices will mostly be at the Massanutten Western Slopes or Bryce Bike park. We will have two special practices that are all day at Massanutten Bike Park and Snowshoe Bike Park




Our coaches are regional and national champions and have stood atop many podiums. Every coach is also dedicated to their own education as coaches and are certified through the Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association. 


  • Harlan Price: Owner, Former Professional Rider, PMBIA Instructor Trainer, National Series Champion, National Enduro Podium Finisher

  • Adam Williams: Exercise Sports Science, National Enduro Champion

  • Lindsey Carpenter: WVES series champion, National Enduro Pro Podium Finisher


The 2022 program is for riders:

  • 13-17yrs 

  • Expert Riders 

  • Motivated Racers

  • Team Players


Program Includes;

  • 9 Practices April-September

    •  Bryce Bike Park, Massanutten Western Slopes, Massanutten Bike Park, Snowshoe Bike Park 

  • 6 Regional Enduro Races 2-day support: 

    • West Virginia Enduro Series, Massanutten Hoo-Ha, and Sheduro 

  • 8 Team Video Calls

  • Goal Setting

  • Season Planning

  • Training guidance

  • Team Jerseys

  • Discounted lift tickets at Bryce Bike Park

  • Discounted Bryce Race Series Entry: $30


Team Fee: $1200 

Partial scholarships are available for two riders. Contact us with any questions. 

Program Application:

Conflict note: Contact us if you have conflicts with other events that prevent attending all events. Don't let that stop you submitting an application


  • Team Practice: 10am-1pm unless otherwise posted. 

    • April 16th: Massanutten Western Slopes

    • April 30th: Massanutten Western Slopes

    • May 21st Massanutten Western Slopes

    • June 11th: Massanutten Western Slopes

    • June 18th: Bryce Bike Park

    • July 23rd: Bryce Bike Park

    • August 6th: Massanutten Bike Park 10-4pm

    • September 11th: Snowshoe Bike Park 10-4pm

  • Races

    • May 14th-15th: Cacapon Enduro WVES

    • June 4th-5th: Hoo-Ha Enduro VA

    • July 16th-17th: Valley Falls Enduro WVES

    • August 20th-21st: Sheduro MD

    • Sept 24-25th: Massanutten Enduro WVES 

    • October 1-2nd: Snowshoe Enduro WVES Finals

  • Team Video Calls

    • April 4th

    • April 18th

    • May 16th

    • May 30th

    • June 20th

    • July 11th 

    • August 8th

    • September 5th

TakeAim Cycling Junior DEVO Enduro Team